Kubota BX Rock Bucket and Land Plane 48”

The Redline Systems Inc. rock bucket / landplane attachment blends two attachments into one. Get the features of the rock bucket with the ability to level ground after you get your rock and debris picked up, an additional function that you won’t see in any other rock bucket. A must have attachment for contractors, landscapers, and hobby farmers.
This bucket is designed specifically to fit and work with the Kubota BX tractor, and can be mounted directly to the loader or in use with the RSI quick tach plate or the factory Kubota BX6315 quick tach unit.

• 48" x 25” x 16”
• Tine spacing: 3"
• .5" x 4" single bevel 1055 carbon steel cutting edges
• .25" A36 steel plate construction
• Mount directly to loader (no quick tach required)
• Compatible with Kubota BX 6315 factory quick tach unit
• Great product to use with the RSI quick tach for the BX
• Powder coated finish
• Made in the USA